OH MY GOODNESS … I Got a Pingback!?!

This blogging “stuff” is new to me but, I am already addicted! I realized my crazed obsession when my internet went down for 28 minutes 3 seconds. Yes, I was counting. I was pacing the house on the verge of breaking down. I was jonesing for my blog, your blogs, and freshly pressed. I don’t think that I was sweating and/or  jerking yet but at 29 minutes I am sure that would have happened.

Finally with trembling hands (ok maybe I was jerking a little) I get signed back in and TAA DAA….there was a message saying that my daily prompt post was pinged or tracked or backed or something. ANYWAY…there is a link to my post on www.thelissachronicles.wordpress.com OMG!!! I am elated!

I know I know…I’m a dork, geek, and nerd all rolled into one. I get really excited over anything and everything. But, to me this is HUGE! OK, I must go skip around the house a few more times and then…I am off to the barn to share the news with the horses.

In case there is any question about my emotion right now… I am HAPPY,HAPPY,HAPPY! 🙂 🙂 🙂

21 thoughts on “OH MY GOODNESS … I Got a Pingback!?!

      • LOL! You’re welcome. I would love to figure out how people are able to list all who respond to the daily prompt, so I just look for the posts that I like, or are related, in that section…Sometimes it takes a few adjustments to get the right kind of related posts to show up. I haven’t quite learned enough about pingbacks yet to do all that I’d like to be able to do with them.

  1. I think it is great that you are excited and great that you got a pingback (though I will say I am not quite sure what that means at this point but it is obviously good and I am going to find out more)! Congrats!

    • Thanks trailerdreamer! I had to learn more about it today also. I told my husband about it when he came home and he looked at me with a blank stare. I had to explain to him that it was like when he is talking on his cb radio and gets a 10-4 good buddy. I have to take things slow with him. He hates technology and wishes that it was 1960 again. HaHa!

    • Hah! As you can see by my previous posts I had to do a little research myself. Thanks for the comment and for visiting my blog. I appreciate you and PLEASE visit again!

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