Isn’t it amazing how quickly we can be brought back to reality. I live in my own little safe haven with my animals and my husband. As long as things are copacetic here, I somehow convince myself that all is well with the world. Then with one email and a few phone calls, I soon remember that the world doesn’t revolve and me and my happiness. Times are hard for people. One minute things are going smoothly and the next minute the world can be crashing down around us. The highs and lows are exhausting.

I am somewhat devoid of emotion today. I am struggling. I am dealing with inner demons of the past and present. I try to keep them at bay and most days I do. I hate to admit defeat but today they win.

Not so charming today. Hoping and praying that tomorrow will be filled with light.


14 thoughts on “Reality

  1. That kind of day is no fun for sure, but it just may make tomorrow that much better. This Trailerdreamer is praying for the light for you as well! P.S. Charming is what you are, not how you feel!

  2. Good news and bad news…

    The good news is that we all have been there…the bad news is that we all will be there again.

    I am sorry that you are struggling. Those demons have a great power but they are only effective if we let them. I pray that you will find your strength, soon. Keep smiling.

    If you want to read about a guy who was in a struggle, actually a real live, no kidding fight for life. Check out my friend Pastor Jack’s blog.

    I was acquainted with him when he served as the Chaplin for the military unit I served with. If we ever spoke, I probably said something like “Stay the hell away from me, Padre.”

    I think his reply was, “My pleasure, dumbass.”

    I apologize for the offensive language. I hope it brought a smile to you. So last fall, I found out that Jack had cancer and was terminal. I contacted him and have been blown away by his attitude, spirit, and will to survive. I will spoil the ending, he has survived. He is cancer free and is back to work. Miracles happen. It is a great read and always peps me up when I am down. Hope it helps.


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