Where’s the Party?

Daily Prompt: INTJ

Do parties and crowds fill you with energy, or send you scurrying for peace and quiet?

I wish that I could tell you of a recent party that I have graced with my presence. But that was several years ago. I haven’t “partied” for years. But, the idea of a party makes me happy and excited! There is an anticipation and excitement that fills the air long before guests arrive. Getting everything in order for a celebration is half the fun. Seeing friends and family enjoying themselves the other.

I have many fond memories of birthdays and celebrations as a child. Getting the music (ok mixed tapes that we would record off of the radio) formatted. Buying all the party supplies and the smell of birthday cake in the morning sticks in my mind as if it were yesterday. I can inhale and smell the Strawberry Shortcake birthday cake from when I was eight. And, then there were the mornings waking up knowing that someone else had planned the party. All I had to do was get dressed in my usually new outfit and be dropped off.

And then I graduated high school. I had better not go into details about those parties. All I will say is … Cake was not on the menu. Who needed food? We preferred a liquid diet.

Parties always filled me with energy. I was an only child so I had plenty of peace and quiet. I am pretty sure that I still love a GOOD party. Although I haven’t been in a crowd in years, I do still remember … You meet people who are screaming at you due to the music blaring. You are literally rubbing shoulders and God knows what other body part because there simply is no other option. Oh Yeh! I need to get out more!

Español: Tipo Myers-Briggs INTJ

Español: Tipo Myers-Briggs INTJ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sounds Good! Party anyone? 


6 thoughts on “Where’s the Party?

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  2. I am an INTJ, used to be INFJ. Parties as a kid were sometimes fun but I always preferred reading or hanging out with one close friend. As an adult I really dislike parties and large social gatherings. I really still prefer one to one or small groups, and even then, people take my energy away and I need me time to recharge. I am very “I” and very “N.”

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