5 thoughts on “Deja Who?

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  2. I have had this happen so many times , and also the feeling that I had experienced the same situation I may be in at that time once before. Once I was at Myrtle Beach and when we walked into the rental house I felt like I had been there before.

    • Down deep I hate the feeling! When I started having seizures a few years ago, the neurologist asked me if I have a lot of moments of deja vu? Why? I still don’t know but I assume that it has something to do with brain processing. I guess it was just another way to tell me my mixed up processing wasn’t anything new HAH 🙂 Becki, thank you visiting my blog! Your blog is amazing and YOU are truly a HERO! I want to write about my “experience” that seems like nothing compared to your tragedies. Your blog is giving me the strength to start writing it. The post in progress is in my saved posts. Maybe one day, years from now I will have completed it and post. Thank You!

      • I am not a hero by any means , but thank you for the kind words. It took me years to write and I am not very good or articulate at it. But what the heck… If I can inspire someone to leave a domestic violence situation or give them the courage to follow their dream, then all of this is worth it. In the meantime I am happy that I no longer have to hide behind a false life. When you are ready it will flow out of you. It is a huge relief and empowering to release the pain. Thanks so much for following me. Have a beautiful evening!

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