What I do …


barn (Photo credit: Extra Medium)

OK here is the deal with foaling out a mare, NO two are EVER the same! You cannot go by the shape of the belly, the bag, or her behavior. Being on foal watch is why I have been slack on my blog posting. Heck, I haven’t even had time to read other blogs or freshly pressed. And do you want to hear the kicker … this isn’t even MY mare that has caused me to get 10 hours sleep in the past week. And no, I do not board horses. Or at least I don’t get paid for boarding horses. This mare belongs to someone else (family member). He hasn’t been here to see his horses, a total of 4, since January. Yes, he knows that this mare is very close to foaling and instead of visiting last weekend, he went fishing. Worthless, yes worthless in my eyes. The sad thing is that I can’t control what he does any more than I can control this mare foaling. I can only control what I do. And what I do is … I take care of horses. I put their well-being above my own. I don’t know this mare per say, but I know that she is a nervous wreck and needs someone to assure her that everything is going to be ok. And, since she has an owner who won’t take care of her … I will.

You see, I don’t think that we ever really own a horse. I think that they are sent to us when we need them the most. I know that when my “Big Boy” left me, his “soul” went to someone else who needed him more. Horses are just on loan. Though their spirit remains with previous owners, their soul moves on. Speaking of “that” spirit … that is why the mare is now out of the pasture and here at the barn with me. Last Friday night right before dark it hit me that I had to go to the pasture. When my husband asked where I was going, I told him that I needed to go to the far pasture. Why? I had no idea. When I got to the gate, this mare was standing there scared to death. She was biting her sides as the baby was kicking around which was visible when his hoof would push her side out. I opened the gate to go in and she was having none of that. She walked out of the pasture and proceeded to walk swiftly the quarter of a mile to my barn. No halter or lead, she knew where she was going and nothing was stopping her. I followed behind her in the golf cart. Remember, she has never been to my yard or barn so how did she know where to go? I know it sounds stupid but I swear my Big Boy was leading her.

This mare is supposedly a mean alpha mare to hear her owner talk. She has been nothing but a big baby since “coming home” to my barn. I have no idea when this mare will foal. I know that we are closer every day that passes. I apologize to her daily that her owner is not here to take care of her. She stands quietly and listens as I call him some very choice words. Her eyes are terrified but I can see a very sweet soul. I will continue to be here for her because that is what I do. I will be with her when it is time for her to welcome her baby into the world. I will be support or even help if she needs it. Why? Because that is what I do. It is what I believe to be right. So this week I have learned a lesson. Horses come to us when we  need them and … horses also come to us when they need us. So for as long as she needs me … I am here. That is what I do.



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