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FarmVille (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Daily Prompt: Idyllic

What does your ideal community look like? How is it organized, and how is community life structured? What values does the community share?

If you have read my blog, you know that I love my little piece of heaven known as home. I am completely satisfied living on my little farm surrounded by critters. I socialize much better via this blog. I love reading posts, replying to comments, checking email, then closing my laptop to head out to the barn. My ideal community would involve many animals and few people. I have learned the hard way that people let me down, while animals do everything to try to please and comfort me.

My idyllic community would be somewhat like Farmville. I mean what could be better than planting and harvesting crops in as little as two hours.  There is an abundance of animals that reproduce daily with no problem and people only visit the farm to “help” by watering, harvesting, and or feeding the animals.

The people in my community would help one another when needed and share with one another so that no one would ever be without. People would be genuine. And most importantly they would mind their own business. The citizens of my community would never think of causing unnecessary drama.

I realize that I will never be able to plant or harvest with the click of mouse.  Cows and horses will never reproduce babies in 12 hours.  I must be content with the community that surrounds me. It may not be perfect, but it is mine. Neighbors do pop by to help one another. Most of my neighbors are genuine and I have come to terms with the fact that they will never mind their own business. And, what’s life without a little drama?

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Please Vote for Lesley

This is an amazing blog! She is living her dreams and helping others to do the same! Well done, Lesley Carter, well done! I took a few minutes to go and vote for Lesley. I hope that you will.

Flavors to Choose From…

Dirt road

Dirt road (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Daily Prompt: Local Flavor

Write a piece about a typically “local” experience from where you come from as though it’s an entry in a travel guide.

Where do I come from?

I come from a place where beauty surrounds and love abounds! I am blessed to say that I have lived in almost every region of South Carolina. I was born and raised in the upstate. I relocated and met my husband in the lowcountry. I currently live in a farming community in the midlands.

I could stretch the truth and tell you that in my town there is a quaint coffee shop, fancy bakery, or an exquisite dining establishment. What is the use to do that? I live surrounded by fields. Sometimes corn, sometimes soy beans, and other times cotton surrounds me. There are no side walks to walk down. We prefer dirt in these parts. You can’t get anywhere without taking a dirt road. Needless to say, there are no corner car washes. Most of the time, the Lord gives our cars and trucks baths, as he sees fit. Unless, we have a special occasion and at that time we might pull out the hose pipe, bucket, and bottle of dish detergent and give it a good “washin”.

What is our flavor?

Sometimes it is sweet. Sweet as the jasmine and honeysuckle blooming on a warm afternoon.

Sometimes it is salty. Salty as the sweat that gets in unspeakable places on 100 degree days with 100 percent humidity working in the barns and or fields.

Sometimes it is mild. You will most likely find us relaxing after a big meal on a Sunday afternoon.

Sometimes it is spicy. Come around here raising a ruckus or trying to hurt our family and the temperature will rise quickly.

In the South we can go from sweet to spicy in the blink of an eye. That is just the way we are. If you think that you can handle a hard day’s work, a little dirt, a lot of sweat, and southern hospitality at its finest, you are welcome to visit where I come from. Oh, and the coffee is good, the baked goods are homemade, and I will give you a fine dining experience of country cooking sitting around my kitchen table. We may be a little “country” but, we don’t go without!

Trifecta Challenge: Let it Rain

This post is for the writing challenge below:

Trifecta Challenge

This weekend, we are revisiting a prompt we’ve done before. We are giving you three words and asking that you add another 33 to them to make a complete 36-word response. You may use the words in any order you choose.

Our three words are:


Now you give us yours.

You call it rebellion

To me it is merely survival

I try to forget

But will always remember

Let me wash it away

Take away my pain

I sit here waiting praying

Please let it rain


No Money, No Friends, No Problem

Window shopping at Eaton's department store. (...

Window shopping at Eaton’s department store. (Toronto, Canada) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Daily Prompt: Stranded

You’re stranded in a foreign city for a day with no money and no friends. Where do you go; what do you do?

Time to kill, nowhere to be, wandering a foreign city … sounds delightful. No money would make me quite sad, as I am sure that this would be the day that I would find something that I just couldn’t live with out. Visiting the shops, yes window shopping would have to do. Observing the locals as they partake of their daily activities sounds fun. I would savor the culture and its surroundings. With no interruptions from someone else pulling me a direction that I would rather not go, I would do what I wanted to do. I am sure that some of my time would be enveloped by just sitting. A beautiful park filled with people, fountains, and landscape. Watching couples walk hand in hand, hearing the laughter of children playing, and enjoying the sunshine sounds fine to me.

Drop me off … I am ready to be stranded.

OH the Places You’ll Go

Daily Prompt: Bedtime Stories

What was your favorite book as a child? Did it influence the person you are now?

Cover of "Oh, the Places You'll Go!"

Cover of Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Who cannot love a book that starts “Congratulations Today is your day and ends with Your mountain is waiting So…get on your way”!

Oh The Places You’ll Go speaks of fear, failure, independence, confusion, and success. It is truly a book about life.

I still enjoy a good bedtime story, and I slip in a reading of this book at least once a month. I will never get too old for a dose of how to live life to its fullest. This is a book that is for all generations. It puts in perspective that we all have challenges. People before us have had them, we endure challenges, and those yet to come will be challenged. Nothing about having to endure hardship is new. The circle continues. Success is the same. Everytime I read this book I am excited of what the next day will have in store for me. I am inspired to meet it head on.

Did this book influence who I am? Absolutely! Oh The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss continues to inspire the person I will be. There are still mountains to move and ..

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes
You can steer yourself any direction you choose.

You’re on your own. And you know what you know.
And YOU are the guy who’ll decide where to go.

Yes Sir Dr. Seuss Yes Sir Indeed!