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Springtime in South Carolina

spring ducks

It is official. I have contracted Spring Fever! I can look across the fields and see the new leaves way up in the tops of the oak trees. The grass is getting a green cast to it and the horses are carrying their babies really low in their bellies. Spring time on the farm brings new life … baby chicks are hatching, foals will soon be hitting the ground (finally after 10 months of waiting), and spring flowers start breaking through the soil. I have started planning my garden…it won’t be long til it is time to plant!  The festivals of the small towns are about to begin. It is almost time to celebrate frogs, turtles, and roses … just to name a few in the surrounding area.  The times they are a changing in South Carolina and I for one couldn’t  be happier. It won’t be long til the fish are biting and I will sitting on the bank by the pond trying to catch a few bass. And, most importantly, it is almost “shoes optional” weather. Nothing makes me happier than being barefoot and feeling the grass between my toes. Sand between my toes, on a beach, with a fruity umbrella drink makes me happy too … But that is a different season … Let’s enjoy Spring!