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Hello, My Name is Missy and I’m a Blogoholic




I have discovered – ok finally admitted – that my time management skills truly suck! It’s not my fault! I sign into WordPress every morning and this page “blogs I follow” pops up, it is all downhill from there. I can’t help but to click on every new post! In my defense, I do get my outdoor chores done before I ever turn on the computer. Horsework before Housework is a motto that I live by. I mean really … one must have priorities right?

I was sitting in front of the computer screen this morning wondering where I “surfed” before joining WordPress. I honestly can’t really remember.  I would look in on yahoo news, Facebook, ???? Now, I have a one stop shopping process if you will. WordPress blogs give me the top news and usually share my opinions or at least something to get my mind going. Then there are the “guilty pleasure” blogs that are pure humor or a bit risqué. A look into someone’s private life in the daily living blogs, appeals to my nosey nature. The selection goes on and on! I have to read EVERY post, it is important not to miss out on every tidbit of information … Or so I tell myself. These bloggers have no idea (and don’t care) I’m sure, how they are impacting my life and keeping me glued to the computer screen.

That dang little follow+ button has been my downfall. I decided I wanted to start a blog for me and my joy that comes from writing. I had no idea that I would find myself reading much more than writing. It is almost noon and my to do list is full today. I must reluctantly turn off the computer and get busy!