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This Is My Opinion … NOT a Political Post

Insignia of US Army National Guard

Insignia of US Army National Guard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m late posting today because I had to earn a paycheck. I rushed home to blog. I kept imagining the rabbit in Wonderland saying … I’m late, I’m late, I’m really really late. I made it home, put up groceries (I had to swing by the horrible grocery store and spend $128.00 on what I believe is 50 bucks worth), changed clothes, plopped down in the couch with my laptop, and HERE I AM! OK now that ya’ll are up to date haha ….. here goes!

The weather was beautiful in SC today. It is eighty, yes eight zero degrees! I started my morning surrounded by men and women in camouflage that spend one weekend a month, every month, training to be ready to protect and/or support me. I was covering the event for the newspaper, so for that story I got THE FACTS. The story for the newspaper is about an emergency preparedness program that is in effect between law enforcement and our National Guard. I got to spend time with these soldiers and we spoke about a lot more. I will share, here, the important stuff! I control this blog and I can write what I want, however I want. I LOVE THAT!

I spoke with a young man that has been deployed twice. He has lost three friends who died while protecting my freedom. I spoke with a 26-year-old mother of two that has once and is willing again to leave her babies if/when she is called to duty. These solders are from all walks of life. They work other full-time jobs and are proud to give of their time to the Army National Guard. While they joke around with members of their unit there is a bond between them that is apparent, even to an outsider like me. These men and women would die to save one another.

During an equipment demonstration, a Sgt was showing the soldiers how to mark a land mine or bomb site on the gps. It was said so nonchalantly. It is normal talk to them. They have seen it and lived it in real life. It’s not often (ok never) that I hear a sentence consisting of the words land mine or bombs. I mean I hear it on tv but this was right in front of me. I was hearing it first hand and the young men and women didn’t flinch (while I felt the need to throw up). This was information that will probably one day save their lives and or the lives of others. This was something that they needed to be prepared for. Thank God, that is something that I don’t have to worry about… I hope and pray.

That is when I realized these facts. How wonderful it is to live such a safe and protected life. How horrible I feel that I am SO naive. I come from a somewhat military family. My Grandfather fought in WWII on the eastern front from Normandy til the very end. I have his purple heart and burial flag proudly displayed in my home. I see news coverage of war, soldiers dying, soldiers returning home, etc. My Uncle was deployed a few years ago. We were very blessed that he returned home. But, I don’t think of our American soldiers enough and for that I am truly sorry.

I am proud to be an American and I am thankful for my freedom(s). I don’t consider myself a political person. I am not for or against the war. I AM FOR OUR MILITARY. They believe in what they are doing and therefore I believe in what they are doing. Thank God for these men and women who give of their time to protect me and my loved ones. I will not take them or what they do for granted any longer. I will keep them at the forefront of my mind. I will not forget them and what they CHOOSE to do. I was blessed this morning to be able to see beyond the camouflage and see these real life super heroes that deserve and will forever have my respect.

I hope that story hasn’t offended anyone. We are all allowed our opinions. This is mine. I mean no disrespect. These are MY opinions and beliefs.