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Welcome To The World Lil Fella

Daily Prompt: Menagerie


When I received the email of the Daily Prompt, I was very excited. I would have plenty to write about this topic. It was early and I had an excruciating headache so I rolled back over to take a nap, hoping I could nap the headache away. The ideas of which animals I would highlight were flipping through my head like a rolodex. I could not possibly write about every horse, dog, chicken, goose, and cat (yes I would talk about Biscuit the cat he is the only feline) on the farm.

I could write about the animals that have passed on and how I still miss them. I considered dedicating the entire post to Big Boy aka Old Man. He was the first “big” horse that I owned and died at 36 years young 2 years ago. He taught me how to truly trust an animal. He protected me like a prized possession. I had a seizure (the first of many) one day while riding. He stopped trotting and gently sat down in the field with me still on his back. I came to somewhat draped across his head and neck. When I had gained my senses, he stood up slowly with me somewhat still sitting in the saddle and walked me home at just the right pace. Somehow he knew we needed to get home quickly but he was certain to stay at a pace slow enough that if he needed to sit down again he could do that quickly too. He was perfection in the form of a horse. He was a true gentleman and I miss him daily. Many nights at sundown I have looked out across the pastures and seen him standing grazing in the field (since burying him in favorite spot of the pasture). His spirit will always be here. This was his home and I am so blessed that he let me be a part of his life.

Back to this morning, I was sick. I was worried that the headache could be a sign of an oncoming seizure so I was remaining off my feet as long as possible. My husband looked around the door to the bedroom and said that I needed to get up and look out outside. Standing in the pasture a tiny tri-color foal stood taking in the world around him. I quickly forgot about how badly my head hurt. I was jerking on clothes scrambling to get to the pasture. I wanted to lay my hands on the foal, rub his head, and welcome him to the world and our farm family.

Wait…he was standing with a mare that was not bred for a foal this year. Or was she? When I saw the foal take every step the mare made…this had to be his mom. I get to the gate and see the actual mama about 10 feet from the foal and the baby thief. Every time that Lovey would try to get to her foal, Sammy would bow up at her. Lovey was tired from the birth. She was staying close enough to make sure that her foal wasn’t in danger but she was not up to fighting Sammy. I WAS completely up to it. I picked up the foal all 13 lbs of him and walked out of the pasture with Lovey following. We made it to the barn and Mama and little fella are doing fine.

I am certain that Lovey would have eventually rescued her baby from Sammy, but it was nice to be able to help her this morning. I love seeing the bond that a Mama has with her foal. While she didn’t panic, I had to rest on a bucket in the stall for a few minutes after the rescue mission. This was way too much excitement so early in the morning with my head-splitting.

Yes, having animals is hard work. You never know what the day holds when you are working with animals. There is always an emergency of some kind right around the corner. But, there is always abundant love when working with animals. I would die to protect my animals and they would die to protect me. They are my family. My world would not be complete without them.

I need help with naming the foal. Would you help?  I am not a fan of Lil Fella. He is a miniature horse and currently stands a whopping 13 inches tall. His white markings look like angel wings. Any feedback on a name? Your help would be greatly appreciated.